Square Dance

The Beet Tops enjoy playing for traditional square dances, which have roots all over the world but are based on the music and dance tradition that grew out of the Appalachian mountains. Traditional square dancing is a social dance form that is easy to learn and enjoyable for beginning and experienced dancers, alike. All dances are taught by the caller and dancers learn as they go. Bring a partner or find one on the dance floor–- square dancing is about meeting folks and having a good time. Dances are participatory events and a great way to bring people together– young and old and from any background.

Band-member Michelle Karcher calls dances and when not fiddling can guide dancers through a Texas Star or a Double Bow Knot. She has learned from great callers such as Phil Jamison, Charmaine Slaven, and Bev Young.

The Beet Tops play for a once-a-month community square dance at the Top Hat Lounge in Missoula, Montana. Please see upcoming events on this site or visit the Top Hat Lounge for the schedule.

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